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Wedding Programs!

Wedding Dance Instruction Programs

For Wedding Dance Memories That Will Last a Lifetime…


We know how significant your Wedding Day is, and we need to help make it considerably progressively unique! At La Imperial Dance, we can tweak a Wedding Dance Instruction Program only for you, to give you both the certainty and aptitudes to flaunt your style, polish – and perhaps a little character at your wedding gathering. Let us assist you with making a unique "First Dance" that is absolutely "YOU" – be that exquisite, contemporary or out and out enjoyment. Flabbergast your loved ones with your newly discovered move aptitudes, and appreciate enchanted wedding recollections that will be yours eternity.

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  • Your Wedding First Dance 

Your big day First Dance is an everlasting articulation of your affection and duty – for you and your new life partner, and for the extraordinary visitors celebrating with you. We can help make your first move as exceptional as the remainder of your big day, with only a couple of basic advances or a completely arranged daily practice! 

  • Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances 

A Father/Daughter and Mother/Son move is a critical supplement to your First Dance. Counting your folks (or the unique companions or relatives who will be remaining in that conventional job) in your gathering plans is a magnificent method to show your affection and appreciation. So why not plan a couple of wedding move exercises for them, as well? 

  • Wedding Party Dance Routines 

In case you're searching for something extremely essential, we can arrange a "YouTube-commendable" wedding move for the entire wedding party, that is even set to your preferred music! Broaden those extraordinary minutes with a marvelous routine you'll need to re-live, over and over.

Your Day Your Wedding Dance Experience


In less time than you'd might suspect, our ensured Dance Instructors can assist you with a couple of fundamental advances, so you'll feel quiet and sure on your big day. Have something greater as a top priority? We can arrange the entire hit the dance floor with you – even incorporate the wedding party! The truth of the matter is, there are no hard and quick guidelines – so you settle on the arrangement. We do suggest planning your exercises in any event a month prior to the service (and further ahead of time, for progressively included schedules) so give us call today for a counsel. Furthermore, if it's not too much trouble bring along your main tune, photos of your scene, your wedding dress… all that you'd prefer to share, to assist us with making your fantasy move a reality.

Have Fun Along the Way To Wedding Day!

Did you realize that wedding move exercises are an incredible method to have a fabulous time and relax before the Big Day. With all the choices, calendars and cutoff times associated with arranging your wedding, partaking in this committed time together can help you both de-stress and re-stimulate – and we guarantee you'll have a great time doing it! Get in touch with us today, and give everybody at your wedding a move to recall.

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