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Overflowing with an arousing style, Salsa has everything – enthusiasm, vitality, and euphoria. As a move structure, Salsa has its sources in the Cuban Son and the Afro-Cuban move, Rumba. As it identifies with the well known music style, Salsa is consistently advancing, and new present day move styles are related and named by the land territories that they are created in. A portion of the famous Salsa styles are Cuban, Columbian, Los Angeles, New York (or Eddie Torres Style), Palladium, Puerto Rican, Rueda, and On Clave. 


In the mid 1970s in New York City, a few diversified and free move studios, detecting the ubiquity of the prospering move structure exploited the Salsa furor by building up an institutionalized educational program in which to show the move to an excited open. Salsa instructed in La Imperial Dance depends on Mambo designs, however moved on the "one." Take the initial move towards understanding your formal dance objectives, at your neighborhood La Imperial Dance! Get in touch with us today, at Fred Astaire Dance Studios – and approach about our Introductory Offer only for new understudies! We'll anticipate seeing you on the move floor.

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