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Quick Step

The Quickstep, with its underlying foundations in Ragtime, was created in the 1920's in New York from a mix of Foxtrot, Charleston, Peabody and the One-Step. Initially it was moved performance – away from the accomplice, yet later turned into an accomplice move. It was initially given the name "Brisk Time Fox Trot" however in the end that name was changed to Quickstep. The move made a trip to England and was formed into the move that we know today, and was institutionalized in 1927. In an essential structure Quickstep is a mix of strolls and chasses however in a propelled organize bounces hops and numerous syncopations are used. It is a rich and marvelous move and body contact is kept up all through the move. 


The Quickstep music is written in 4/4 time and ought to be played at a beat of around 48 - ­‐ 52 measures for every moment for assessments and rivalries. 


The Quickstep is a dynamic and turning move moving along the Line of Dance, using Walks and Chasse developments. Rise and Fall, Sway and Bounce activity are the essential attributes of the International Style Quickstep. 


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