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Cha Cha

Cha is a move of Cuban source, and gets its name from the musicality created by a syncopation of the fourth beat. Cha assembles its flavor, beat and appeal from an inference of three essential sources: the Mambo, Rumba, and in a roundabout way, the Lindy (with each being moved to a similar one-two-three triple step). 


The Cha, while jumped up from Latin American roots in Cuba, truly blossomed under North American impact. While firmly related to the previously mentioned Mambo, Cha has enough inherent independence to be delegated a particular move. Much has been expounded on the historical backdrop of the Rumba and the Mambo, while little has been investigated about the birthplaces of Cha, notwithstanding it being a move to be dealt with. 


Cha's rhythm is anyplace from moderate and staccato to quick and exuberant. It is especially an on-the-beat move and hard not to infuse one's own sentiments into it. This feature, more than some other, makes the move a good time for individuals all things considered. It is a genuine let-it-hard and fast kind of move. Cha is moved set up as the means are very minimized, with the feet as a rule close to 12 inches separated. Advanced in the 1950's with music by such specialists as Tito Puente and Tito Rodriguez, today it is moved to mainstream night club sort of music. 


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